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Discover Nutrigée products

Nutrigée, concentrated in nature

Specialist in food supplements, Nutrigée has built its know-how on its knowledge of plant extracts, natural vitamins and marine minerals to offer concentrated formulas using innovative technologies.

Nutrigée know-how

Innovative formulas

Nutrigée offers innovative and concentrated formulas presented in different forms (tablets, capsules, concentrated drinks, enriched infusions) using innovative technologies (bilayer, FORT, CVS, etc.).

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

The products are produced using the most modern processes and subject to strict quality controls at all stages of manufacture to guarantee safety, traceability and respect for the environment.

Made in France

Nutrigée has chosen to develop all its products in France thanks to solid partnerships built over the years with the entire manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing processes  Nutrigée

Bilayer tablet

Nutrigée was the first manufacturer to offer food supplements in bilayer tablets.


Exclusive formulas combining Nutribiotics, organic fibers and nutrients to meet the different needs of the body.


The originality of the formulations is based on the permanent search for the best synergies between highly concentrated natural active ingredients to ensure optimal efficiency.


Nutrigée innovates by offering an organic range of teas, infusions and herbal teas enriched with plant concentrates. Faced with the impossibility of mixing extracts (powder or liquid) with plants to be infused, our development department has developed the CVS technology.

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