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  • Taurine Marine Magnesium
  • Taurine Marine Magnesium
  • Taurine Marine Magnesium
  • Taurine Marine Magnesium

Taurine Marine Magnesium



Mineral essential to the proper functioning of the body, Magnesium is a key element of nervous and muscular balance. Sensitivity to stress, mental or muscular fatigue, irritability and low energy can be linked to a magnesium deficiency. Natural and bioavailable, marine magnesium extracted from seawater is an essential element for the body. Its 100% natural origin allows optimal assimilation, thus ensuring relaxation and balance.


Vitamins B6 and B9 play a crucial role in the assimilation of magnesium. These vitamins, essential for the metabolism of certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and melatonin, promote mental balance in synergy with magnesium.


Derived from an amino acid, taurine makes it possible to better fix magnesium in the cells, thus improving its absorption for better efficiency.


Magnesium, vitamins B6 and B9 help reduce fatigue.
Magnesium, vitamins B6 and B9 contribute to normal psychological functions.
Magnesium and vitamin B6 contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

    • Use
      1 tablet in the morning before the meal.
    • Precautions for use
      To be used, for a limited period, in addition to a balanced and varied diet which alone ensures a good nutritional balance. Keep out of reach of young children. It is not recommended to exceed the daily indicated dose. Not recommended for children under 12 without medical advice.
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